Kiznaiver: Judging the Sins

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Ladies and gentleman, we will now proceed with the trial.

Objective: To determine if the accused is guilty of their sin (#1) and if their sin has contributed to the outcome of episode 9 (#2).

Offense range starting from least to greatest.

Court is now in session. Please hold all comments till the end of this post.

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Defendant: Niiyama Niko

Sin: Eccentric Headcase

Case Files: A false front. Created to avoid the effects of Tall Poppy Syndrome. Is actually very intelligent and perceptive but self-isolation has prevented her from forming relationships with others. However, the defendant sincerely wishes to make friends, even if her personal feelings (see romantic interest: Tenga Hajime) come into conflict.

Accusation #1 verdict: Not Guilty.

Accusation #2 verdict: Not Guilty.

 photo hisomu_zps8ric1how.jpg

Defendant: Hisomu Yoshiharu

Sin: Immoral

Case Files: Self-proclaimed masochist but only for physical or the sensation of physical pain. Not much else has been revealed about him thus far though he is open to the idea of friendship.

Accusation #1 verdict: Guilty.

Accusation #2 verdict: Not Guilty.

 photo yuta_zpskg1wqy6u.jpg

Defendant: Yuta Tsuguhito

Sin: Cunning Normal

Case Files: A partial facade. Was overweight prior to high school. Has since altered his image in order to be accepted by his peers, namely the female ones, and wishes not to associate with anything that can harm said image. However, is shown to be sensitive towards women (see romantic interest: Maki Honoka) and has maintained the most rationale in the current ongoing issue of the group.

Accusation #1 verdict: Guilty.

Accusation #2 verdict: Not Guilty.

 photo honoka_zpssuhynh4n.jpg

Defendant: Maki Honoka

Sin: High and Mighty

Case Files: Due to past incident involving the death of her friend, the defendant has closed herself off by adopting a cold persona. Has since slowly opened up through the efforts of the other Kiznaivers but is in danger of reverting back to hiding behind walls with the recent turn of events. Reason: Fear of sharing the deeper parts of herself with others and getting hurt for it, vice versa.

Accusation #1 verdict: Previously ruled guilty but has been overturned.

Accusation #2 verdict: In relevance to her sin, not guilty. In relevance to her decision, guilty.

 photo katsu_zpsy1huguxr.jpg

Defendant: Agata Katsuhira

Sin: Imbecile

Case Files: Was subjected to the inhumane experiments of the Kizna Project when he was a child, resulting in the loss of ability to feel pain (physical and psychological) and other emotions as well as a portion of his memories. Has been able to “reconnect” to emotions in the latest experiment but it is unclear whether those can be called his own or not due to the ‘sharing’ nature of the system.

The defendant has also recently recovered his memories but it is still debatable if he is capable of comprehending more complex problems at the moment since he went 12 years without pursuing any interest, including understanding the feelings of others.

Though his situation is unusual, he nevertheless has shown concern for the well-being for the other Kiznaivers even if his good intentions are misinterpreted (see Katsuhira’s response to Chidori’s contradicting feelings). Again, this is because he can barely understand the concept of feelings which may be the explanation to why he’s always trying to shoulder all the blame as a way of making up for what he lacks and perhaps why he’s been given the title of “Imbecile.”

Accusation #1 verdict: Postponed. Due to the circumstances beyond his control and a limited view of what Katsuhira was truly like in the past, we cannot determine if he really matches with the description of his sin or if it was a sin forced on him through the Kizna Project.

Accusation #2 verdict: Postponed. See explanation for verdict #1 above.

 photo chidori_zps2iwmheyt.jpg

Defendant: Takashiro Chidori

Sin: Goody Two-Shoes/Annoyingly Righteous

Case Files: Katsuhira’s childhood friend who has been in love with his former self (the Katsuhira prior to his change) for years. May or may not have fallen in love with the current Katsuhira in light of his development made possible by the experiment.

Prefers to follow instructions, rules, etc, as closely as possible. Wears her heart on her sleeve. Her feelings have been described as ‘heavy’.

Case Argument: Somehow has convinced herself that it was a battle between her and Sonozaki Noriko for Katsuhira. Did not consider the following:

– To better understand why Katsuhira ended up the way he did. Only settled for the fact that he had changed. Could have avoided the ‘loss’ of being less-informed had she searched for the real reason. Instead chose to criticize Katsuhira about his condition.

– Claims to have been in pain when Katsuhira was bullied but never stood between them to help the one she ‘loved’. Similar situation where she let Tenga beat him because she couldn’t handle her own pain enough to stop them.

– That Katsuhira could have had interest in other people beside her. Denied the significance of his connection with Noriko for the sake of her own emotional security.

– Unwillingness to accept the above point = failure to make a contingency plan for heartbreak. Led to fear of receiving a proper rejection and running away instead of facing it.

– Strictly romantically speaking: always wanted to have her feelings for Katsuhira returned. Never considered what would have made Katsuhira happy.

Accusation #1 verdict: Guilty.

Accusation #2 verdict: Partially guilty. Love has no formula and therefore, mutuality is not guaranteed. Realization of this could have prevented the conflict from turning for the worse.

 photo tenga_zpsh6c64egd.jpg

Defendant: Tenga Hajime

Sin: Muscle-Headed Thug

Case Files: Targets bullies and earned himself the nickname ‘Mad Dog’. Despite his looks, has been shown to be very thoughtful of others, especially to those he sees as more weak and vulnerable.

However, is often prone to using violence. Level of violence also shown to escalate when defendant lets himself be overcome by emotion instead of taking a calm approach and sorting the problem out with reasoning.

Case Evidence:

– Uses words indicating violence when angered (ex. ‘I’ll flatten you’, ‘I’m going to violate her’).

– On more than a few occasions has attacked or was on the verge of attacking before thinking straight. Emphasis in episode 9:

1) Threw a desk at an overhead projector without heed to the other people in the room. Cause: blinded by rage at what they were being shown, specifically to Chidori in order to stimulate a reaction from her.

2) Threatened to hit Noriko if she didn’t tell them everything about the project. Created an excuse by calling her ‘the enemy’ to justify his motive for violence.

3) Consumed by his own jealousy and the pain felt by Chidori, he proceeded to beat Katsuhira up. Factors that further drove this action: the amount of emotional stress already placed on them by the Kizna System, no romantic inclinations towards Chidori on Katsuhira’s part, and his own frustrations at possibly never being noticed by Chidori.

Case Argument: Perhaps due to his nature as a bully-hunter and the absence of friendly relations, the defendant has very little experience of social interactions to fall back on when dealing with matters in a civil manner.

This could explain his awkwardness when faced with such situations (ex. Yuta telling him to go chase after Nico and not allowing him to be a hypocrite when Tenga told Katsuhira to do the exact same thing) as well as his tendency to resort to violence because he is more comfortable with using force instead of confronting his or other people’s feelings (i.e. rejecting Nico’s feelings, being rejected by Chidori).

His quick loss of temper and single-mindedness also proves to be a major problem, showing that he is perhaps the least mature of the group. Prime examples include his inability to see the bigger picture that led him to forget that Katsuhira is as much a victim as any of them; his disregard for others when he inflicted pain on Katsuhira to ease his own pain, which then caused all the other Kiznaivers to be hurt as well.

Accusation #1 verdict: Guilty.

Accusation #2 verdict: GUILTY. Had the defendant thought things through before acting, there would have been no need for everyone to suffer more pain than they already had.

 photo noriko_zpsexfwodxi.jpg

Defendant: Sonozaki Noriko

Sin: ???

Case Files: The one chosen by the Kizna Committee to oversee the Kiznaivers and produce results from the experiment. Was subjected to the same experiment when she was a child alongside Katsuhira, whom she was close friends with. This is the likely the cause of her current emotionless disposition.

Her goal towards the experiment has not been made entirely clear though it may have something to do with reconnecting with her own emotions.

Also, Katsuhira may or may not be essential to making that happen.

Accusation #1 verdict: Undetermined. Since her sin has not been confirmed, we cannot make a decision if she is guilty of it at this time.

Accusation #2 verdict: GUILTY. Regardless of her sin, her interference is one of the main reasons that caused strife among the Kiznaivers.


 photo kn-0_zpsrulfevui.jpg

Personal comments: Let us do away with the idea that “*insert character here* did nothing wrong” and therefore, they need to be babied like a child because that is utter bullshit and everyone knows it.

None of these characters are completely innocent. If they were, then they wouldn’t have been labeled with their respective sins. Hell, they wouldn’t be even in the story.

It is not wrong that they are selfish or that they made mistakes based on bad judgment and so on. However, nothing, not even them being teenagers, can excuse them for what they did or did not do. In fact, it’s precisely because they are at this critical transition phase that they have to learn to take responsibility for themselves and their actions instead of pushing the blame onto something else. And that includes being able to accept pain, that they are capable of hurting others and to become better than their fears, weaknesses and flaws.


That concludes this week’s trial. Rulings can be overturned in light of new findings or development.

Have a nice week. See you next Saturday around the same time. Court dismissed.

*slams gavel and exits stage right*


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