Blog Status Update

neko dogeza
Gomen! >.<

First off, a dozen apologies for the loss of images on every post. As some of you may know, Photobucket no longer supports hotlinking unless you pay them a subscription fee of $400 per yer. Which is fuckin’ ridiculous.

Not the fact that they’re charging (every image hosting site does it eventually) but that hideous amount they’re charging.

Anyways, I plan to reupload them elsewhere and replace the links. It’ll take some time and I don’t know what I’ll do if that hosting site chooses to follow Photobucket’s example but I’ll decide later when/if that does happen.

Again, truly sorry to all those who come to read these posts and see no pictures there. I know it’s not fun to go through long walls of text, especially if they’re mine. Urgh.

As for my current posting schedule, I really do feel bad for leaving this blog hanging for…omg, pretty much a year already. I’ve been lite blogging on Tumblr since it’s easier to balance with my work and school that way but it’s not the same since it’s less formal than writing on wordpress.

*sigh* Well, until I fix all the ones published thus far (thank god there aren’t a lot of them), I guess I’ll have to postpone the drafts I’ve been working on. I also plan to take a slightly different direction with this blog after some contemplating (i.e. more periodic manga chapter theories/analysis than anime episodic ones, at least) but for the most part, everything else remains unchanged.

So we’ll see.


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