Seiyuu Profile: Nobunaga Shimazaki

*Note: Only focusing on select roles. See MAL profile for full list.

**Note: If there is any role that is not listed in this post, there’s two reasons why. Either A) I don’t consider it as one of my top/favorites or B) I never watched that respective series or stayed with it long enough so I can’t really comment.

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Go! Princess Precure Impressions: Ep. 32-46

This image sums up this quarter pretty nicely, wouldn’t you agree?

Just goes to prove that you really can suffocate from overdress, literally and figuratively. And the hilarious thing is that the viewers are the ones who are actually suffocating no thanks to Miss Flora pixie princess here *jabs thumbs at pic* who keeps getting pushed to the front like some grand centerpiece that’s preventing you from looking at anything else.

One can only take so much flowers. What are they trying to do? Smother me to death with petals?

Also, I don’t know why but it’s always around this part, the “4th quarter”-ish part, that my interest in a Precure season hits rock bottom. It’s odd because these episodes are the ones that cover and mostly wrap up the main girls’ last stretch of development before the anime proceeds to the finale. They are supposed to be the “best” episodes we’ve been waiting to see since the beginning.

But here I am going “whatever…” as things continue to drag out not counting anything that involves Kirara or Towa anyways. I dunno. Things keep getting more fabulously sparkly but for me, it just… kills any preparatory mood for an epic climax, I guess?

Thank god this season is almost over. *sigh*

WARNING: This is not a spoiler-free post. Also, the occasional F-bombs.

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Go! Princess Precure Impressions: Ep. 21-31

In before I go back to school on Wednesday. And I got all my homework done before finishing this, too. I’m awesome~

Anyway, it looks like the incredible did happen and I exceeded the word count of my last quarter impressions post. I really don’t know how I keep doing it but really going to try to cut down on the ramblings for the next one.

Cuz this absolutely drains me. *exhausted sigh* Why can’t all my term papers be focused on magical girls? I’d get an A in everything. xP

WARNING: This is not a spoiler-free post.

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Dream Cast: Sailor Moon Reboot Arcs 3-5

Introducing a new category to this blog and starting it off with the sad reboot of an all-time favorite. Because since we did not get any news from Toei on whether they’ll continue with Crystal yet, why not? (Also, I don’t care either way if they choose to make more seasons so no comments there.)

That said, “Dream Cast” is exactly what you think it is. It’s my personal voice actor casting for characters in a series that has not been green-lit for an anime adaptation. Or in this case, an anime that is only two-fifths complete. So the following will cover those who debuted in the last three arcs of the Sailor Moon manga timeline.

This is in no way related to any OFFICIAL news and updates about Sailor Moon Crystal nor is it a prediction post. This was just done for fun.


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