Go! Princess Precure Impression: Ep. 47-50 [FINAL]

Very late. Been very busy. Need a vacation.

See, this is why I cannot stand Toei.

They have it in them to do the most amazing things with their work yet they always fall short of reaching that point because they’re too afraid to break that ridiculous status quo that they set for themselves. They keep messing up what otherwise would have been a very balanced story with those unnecessary adjustments to keep everything within their outdated comfort zone. It’s like you can’t have one without the other. I can’t love a Toei production without hating Toei and I can’t always say Toei is bad because I’m more than likely going to find something to love among all the crap they do.

Why do I have to put up with this grief?! Ugh!


Good. Now that I got that off my chest, I can properly close this book on Go!Pri.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, this was indeed a very great season, all flaws aside. I doubt we’re going to get another that can deliver on par with what Go!Pri gave us (at least in overall quality for the next few years) so while I have moderate hopes that Mahou Tsukai Precure and future successors can bring something interesting to this table, I’m going to keep my expectations low so that the standards set by Go!Pri don’t ruin my enjoyment for the following seasons. Of course, this is just my opinion and it’s not like Go!Pri raised the bar so high that it can’t be reached (unlike Heartcatch, which is my true fave) so there’s not that much to really stress over about. If we get something good, then it’s good. If not, then look forward to the next year.

Now, onto the finale!

WARNING: This is not a spoiler-free post.

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Go! Princess Precure Impressions: Ep. 32-46

This image sums up this quarter pretty nicely, wouldn’t you agree?

Just goes to prove that you really can suffocate from overdress, literally and figuratively. And the hilarious thing is that the viewers are the ones who are actually suffocating no thanks to Miss Flora pixie princess here *jabs thumbs at pic* who keeps getting pushed to the front like some grand centerpiece that’s preventing you from looking at anything else.

One can only take so much flowers. What are they trying to do? Smother me to death with petals?

Also, I don’t know why but it’s always around this part, the “4th quarter”-ish part, that my interest in a Precure season hits rock bottom. It’s odd because these episodes are the ones that cover and mostly wrap up the main girls’ last stretch of development before the anime proceeds to the finale. They are supposed to be the “best” episodes we’ve been waiting to see since the beginning.

But here I am going “whatever…” as things continue to drag out not counting anything that involves Kirara or Towa anyways. I dunno. Things keep getting more fabulously sparkly but for me, it just… kills any preparatory mood for an epic climax, I guess?

Thank god this season is almost over. *sigh*

WARNING: This is not a spoiler-free post. Also, the occasional F-bombs.

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Go! Princess Precure Impressions: Ep. 21-31

In before I go back to school on Wednesday. And I got all my homework done before finishing this, too. I’m awesome~

Anyway, it looks like the incredible did happen and I exceeded the word count of my last quarter impressions post. I really don’t know how I keep doing it but really going to try to cut down on the ramblings for the next one.

Cuz this absolutely drains me. *exhausted sigh* Why can’t all my term papers be focused on magical girls? I’d get an A in everything. xP

WARNING: This is not a spoiler-free post.

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Go! Princess Precure Impressions: Ep. 11-20

So thankful for this week’s break. I was able to finish this post without having to go back and edit it to include the latest episode’s development.

As always, impressions are very wordy and lengthy so…be prepared, I guess. Tl;dr doesn’t really exist in my dictionary. :P

Going to try to make the next one shorter, though, since I’ve gotten the hang of this show so there’s no need to restate what I said in past posts. Also because even I get burned out by my own rambling. *sigh*

I apologize for the change in blog format that’s making everything looked really squished but unfortunately, I can’t adjust the width of the side bar to make it smaller so please bear with it.

WARNING: This is not a spoiler-free post.

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Go! Puri Puri: The Problem with Princesses Vol. 1

This is a rant post.

I’ve hit that proverbial milestone in a series where the little stuff is now starting to annoy the hell outta me.

Had to go through several drafts on how I wanted to address [some of] the issues and narrowed them down to three major ones. Of course, because these issues drove me mad, a few f-bombs were dropped but I did my best to edit them out so this post won’t come off as too incoherent due to rage.

Which brings us back to the purpose of making this post in the first place. I just need to get what bothers me out of my system and hopefully this will work so I don’t end up hating PuriPuri too much before it ends. And also because I need to put these arguments somewhere if I don’t see it mentioned anywhere else. Comments count, I guess, but I hardly check those much.

As a heads-up, I can get very emotional when I really get into a topic. So while I won’t deny what I say (I spent too much time thinking these through to back off), please don’t think me incapable of looking at it from other perspectives or expanding my own on things I might have missed or wasn’t aware of.

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Go! Puri Puri, New Theory: Twilight & DysDark

With the arrival of Twilight and more spoilers for Cure Scarlet, things have certainly been thrown around a bit. Just a bit.

And while I could wait for another ten episodes to finish before working on my second quarter impressions, I don’t want the story to progress that far ahead that any theories I come up with now won’t matter by then because it’s either been jossed or confirmed along the way.

That and I’m bursting to rant about episode 13 because a lot of things in it pissed me off. However, most of that will be saved for a separate post.

For now, here’s a mini one just centering on the newest addition to the villain cast (and damn, she’s mean).

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Go! Princess Precure Impressions: Ep. 1-10

It’s a very peculiar thing, following a magical girl franchise especially one as unique as Precure. Heartcatch was the one that got me hooked but prior to that, I refused to give it a chance thinking it was this huge rip-off of Sailor Moon. Now it’s a consistency in my life. Talk about strange.

Still, I didn’t think there would come a time I would actually want to cover a season as it aired. Sure, I blogged a few posts at one point but the number of episodes/fillers is pretty daunting. Not to mention, there are more interesting series out there so what makes this season so special that I’d want to blog it?

Well, there are a lot of reasons but since I’ll be talking about those anyway, let’s just settle with the most simple one: it’s entertaining. At least, I’m enjoying it so far.

Go! Princess Precure executes the franchise’s established formula much like its predecessors did. The exception I found with this season is that it managed to remain solid through the first quarter, something that recent previous seasons have struggled with even to the very end and I think that’s thanks to producers sticking more closely to the themes set for PuriPuri. Let’s hope it stays that way. Now onto the more technical details…

WARNING: This is not a spoiler-free post.

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