Owari no Seraph, Throwing Out Theories

Since the anime is still working through the early chapters, I’m going to put this under the “Manga” category.

Again, title is pretty self-explanatory. Judging from all the chapters that have been released so far, we have enough clues to guess a little further ahead on what might happen.

IMPORTANT! There are currently no available translations of the prequel light novels past chapter 5 of volume 1 (that I know of) and they won’t be released in English until December of this year. I will only use any confirmed spoilers that I found and will try to provide the source when I’m referencing them. That said, please do not take what I post for fact unless you read the novels yourself and can say whether it is or not.

Please also remember that the following are only theories and predictions, thanks.

I will create new posts when some have been confirmed or debunked and maybe throw in some new ones as the plot continues.


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