Owari no Seraph: Nagoya-hen Wrap-up

*prays to Heaven or whoever that there won’t be a sequel*

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Owari no Seraph: First Cour Wrap-up, Second Cour Expectations


First cour is done so what can we expect from the breaking-off-from-canon second cour?

I’m sure that someĀ of the manga material will still make its way into the anime plot, regardless of how far it diverges from the original source so I compiled a bunch of lists of everything from chapters 16-34 that may or may not happen in the anime.

But before that…

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Owari no Seraph, Throwing Out Theories

Since the anime is still working through the early chapters, I’m going to put this under the “Manga” category.

Again, title is pretty self-explanatory. Judging from all the chapters that have been released so far, we have enough clues to guess a little further ahead on what might happen.

IMPORTANT! There are currently no available translations of the prequel light novels past chapter 5 of volume 1 (that I know of) and they won’t be released in English until December of this year. I will only use any confirmed spoilers that I found and will try to provide the source when I’m referencing them. That said, please do not take what I post for fact unless you read the novels yourself and can say whether it is or not.

Please also remember that the following are only theories and predictions, thanks.

I will create new posts when some have been confirmed or debunked and maybe throw in some new ones as the plot continues.


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