Sailor Moon Crystal: Death Busters Arc – Short Thoughts


So, the third season of SMC has ended and now we await the news for Dream Arc to be greenlit. If it has, I haven’t checked yet.

Will it happen?

Yea. Knowing Toei, it will.

Will it be better than this arc?

Proooobably not. Of course, everyone to their own but the Infinity arc is generally thought of as the best of the five arcs and for a number of good reasons. It wouldn’t be impossible to try and top that with the Dream Arc but given how, er, lackluster SMC’s third season was in comparison to the first series’ third season, despite it being a major improvement over SMC’s first two seasons, I suspect the quality will be around the same. Maybe with the story a step down from the bar the Death Busters plot has set… unless you don’t mind Chibiusa sharing more of the main role with Usagi. Which I don’t cuz I love Chibiusa and therefore, absolutely adore the Dream Arc.

But I’m rambling. Back to Death Busters.

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Dream Cast: Sailor Moon Reboot Arcs 3-5

Introducing a new category to this blog and starting it off with the sad reboot of an all-time favorite. Because since we did not get any news from Toei on whether they’ll continue with Crystal yet, why not? (Also, I don’t care either way if they choose to make more seasons so no comments there.)

That said, “Dream Cast” is exactly what you think it is. It’s my personal voice actor casting for characters in a series that has not been green-lit for an anime adaptation. Or in this case, an anime that is only two-fifths complete. So the following will cover those who debuted in the last three arcs of the Sailor Moon manga timeline.

This is in no way related to any OFFICIAL news and updates about Sailor Moon Crystal nor is it a prediction post. This was just done for fun.


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